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Legal proceedings without paper

Justikal is a solution that enables parties involved in legal proceedings to manage and handle all court documents electronically with the use of trust services that are compliant with the eIDAS regulation.

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A few words from Margrét, Justikals founder and CEO

Our goal is to make court proceedings faster, more convenient and more secure.

It’s always a burdensome process to be involved in legal proceedings and it’s said that the average person is usually involved in 1-2 court cases through their lifetime. If we can speed the court processing time up to 30% and make the court process more transparent for parties so its easier for them to stay on top of the latest development in their case with the highest security by using trust-services such as eSeals, qualified timestamps and more then we are able to deliver really positive results to the society. Additionally we will be able to lower legal costs whereas attorneys dont have to drive back and forth to courts with paper or answer simple requests such as status of the case or copies of documents whereas they can give their client access to their case in Justikal.

We want to make it possible for users to work in a more modern way, where attorneys can provide their clients with a better service experience.

Margrét Anna Einarsdóttir

founder and CEO of Justikal


Our Mission

Our mission is to fully digitalise legal proceedings in a compliant and secure way.


More efficient

By removing the paper.


More secure

By using elecronic identifications and trust services.


More transparent

By giving clients read access in legal proceedings.


More convenient

By giving lawyers the flexibility to work on their cases and to submit data electronically anywhere and anytime.


Less expensive

By shortening the case proceeding time and removing all cost associated with paper.


Fulfill legal requirements

(Reg No. 910/2014) – By using a qualified validation service which has undergone eIDAS certification.

About the company

Justikal was founded in 2017 to develop an eCourt System.

New legislation made it possible for the company to develop an eCourt System with outmost security with the support from a new legal framework. The eIDAS regulation no. 910/2014/EU implemented a new framework for trust services which explained the legal effects of services such as eSignatures, eSeals, timestamps and validations services to validate eSigned and eSealed documents. This legal framework made it possible for the founders to create Justikal’s solution which makes it possible for parties to handle documents electronically in court proceedings in a secure and traceable manner in line with modern demands for digitalisation like being able to accept, store and verify electronic data.

The founders of the company have an extensive experience on one hand from law practices and on the other hand from trust services. The combination of this knowledge made it possible to create Justikal’s solution and spot this opportunity at the market that is still in development and has not been meet with strong solutions until now.

The first version of Justikal was ready in 2020 and was tested in real court cases before the Court of Appeals in Iceland. After the trial the Court Administration approved the usage of Justikal before all of the district courts in Iceland. The first cases are already being processed through Justikal’s solution and we look very much forward to see the solution prosper.

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