Registered eDelivery

With Justikal's eDelivery service, you can ensure that only the intended recipient, identified by their registered ID number, can access a specific document.

When a document is sent, the recipient receives an email from Justikal containing a link to the document. To view its contents, the recipient must authenticate using their electronic ID. Additionally, the sender can request an electronic signature from the recipient.

The sender can track the entire process in Justikal, checking if the recipient has authenticated, received the document, and, if required, signed it. Once the recipient has received the document, the sender receives a delivery confirmation report.

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Improved efficiency thanks to Justikal

Since we began sending summons and letters of default electronically with Justikal, we have observed increased efficiency and quicker responses from payers. Letters are now sent and paid on the same day! We are experiencing dynamic and exciting times with Justikal.

Dagbjört Hauksdóttir

Director of Legal Collection - Gjaldskil Debitum


Registered eDeliveries are well-suited for..


Sensitive documents


Statement of claims




Letters of default


Payment warnings


Announcements etc.

    A simple and efficient process

    1. The sender uploads a document and enters the recipient's name, social security number, and email address.
    2. Next, the sender sets a deadline by which the document must be acknowledged and can request that the recipient electronically sign the document to confirm receipt. The system automatically sends reminders to the recipient until the document is received and signed, if necessary.
    3. Additionally, the sender can include a message that the recipient will receive along with the document.
    4. The recipient receives an email from Justikal with a link to the document and is prompted to verify their identity using an electronic ID to access the document.
    5. If an electronic signature is required, the recipient signs the document.
    6. The sender receives a delivery confirmation report once the process is complete. They can also monitor the progress on Justikal, tracking whether the recipient has verified their identity, received the document, and signed it, if applicable.