11 Mar 2024

Introducing: General Cases


Introducing an enhanced feature in Justikal that revolutionizes your approach to legal proceedings!

Now, you can prepare and strategize your court case or legal conflict within Justikal even before formally presenting it to the courts. In the realm of court cases, preliminary discussions are crucial, allowing parties to construct their cases before advancing to court or reaching a settlement. Many disputes find resolution before they reach the courtroom, often through discussions that necessitate secure sharing of sensitive information among involved parties.

But here's where Justikal shines brighter than before! Previously, cases created in Justikal were promptly submitted to the courts. However, with our update, users now wield the power to create a general case, permitting them to refine it over time. When ready, submission to the court is as simple as pushing a button. This revolutionary update offers users two seamless options when initiating a case:

  • Create a General Case: Empowering users to leverage our collaborative features, facilitating real-time document sharing, personalized comments, and live annotations among selected case parties.
  • Create a Court Case: Direct submission to the courts when your case is polished and primed for legal action.

Experience the future of legal proceedings with Justikal!