03 Nov 2023

Making court proceedings faster, more convenient and secure - CEO Monthly


The following article was published in November 2023 in the CEO Monthly Magazine.

Court proceedings are notorious for the length of time that they occupy, but it seems as though very few have been able to determine why. However, Margrét Anna Einarsdóttir, following ten years of working as an attorney, quickly identified the issue – its paper-based nature created widespread delays throughout each and every court proceeding. In response, she established Justikal, an eCourt System that allows stakeholders in legal proceedings to handle digital documents in a secure and trusted way. Join us as we explore how Margrét’s vigilant approach to innovation has earned her the title of Legal Technology CEO of the Year 2023 – Iceland.

Founded as a means to change the way that legal proceedings are conducted via a new, fast-paced eCourt System, Justikal equips itself with eIDAS certified trust services to submit legal documents to the courts. As such, it’s able to meet deadlines in a far swifter manner, without having to sacrifice professionalism to get the job done. Its convenience allows clients to monitor cases, receive automatic event notifications, and even make use of qualified timestamps to meet deadlines more conveniently, all whilst granting them access to personal annotations and group sharing. In doing so, Justikal has already proven that it’s able to shorten the verage case processing time by a whopping 25-30%. Without Margrét’s help, however, this revolution in the legal proceedings system may have never even been possible. Yet, thanks to her extensive background in the legal sphere, she had plenty of time to familiarise herself with the downfalls of the industry, and devise solutions that would best rectify them. She recognised that the paper-based structure of legal proceedings caused immense delays, negative environmental impacts, and left parties and attorneys scrabbling to meet deadlines as a result – a quality that needed to change as soon as possible.

Enter the evolution of technology, and Justikal’s subsequent inception. Now, clients are able to stay in the loop with their court cases, whilst the court proceedings themselves are drastically accelerated. In addition, Justikal’s solution is a free one – courts needn’t pay for its services in order to reap such incredible benefits. This is, of course, a direct result of Margrét’s mindset. She holds a genuine love for the legal sphere, and has continuously dedicated her efforts to improving it for each and every person involved in the process. Her unwavering commitment is what drives her forward, which has ultimately led to Justikal’s incredible accessibility capabilities. Despite its universally applicable nature, however, Justikal boasts a standard of quality that’s second to none. Margrét believes that challenging the norm is the only way to secure intelligent solutions, and applies this approach through her proactive mindset. Only then can Justikal benefit others. Representing an unapologetic desire to revolutionise court proceedings, Justikal is the manifestation of Margrét’s vision. Despite being offered a partnering position in 2017 at a highly regarded law firm, Margrét instead followed her gut, and the result is what we see today – Justikal. Margrét has never once faltered in her stance when it comes to improving the industry. Whether this manifests through her commitment to self-improvement, or her devotion to ensuring that her leadership style perfectly reflects her eagerness for industry change, it’s simply undeniable. And, with such a driven woman backing a team of flourishing professionals, Justikal promises to be the definitive face of change throughout court proceedings. Already being used before the district courts in both Iceland and the Nordic Arbitration Centre, Justikal’s solution has proven time and time again to be absolute gamechangers. Resulting in huge savings for societies, and having been praised for its capabilities, its inclusion is set to continue growth as we move into the future. Of course, Margrét will be right there alongside it as it transitions towards foreign markets, and there’s no doubt in our mind that her work will spearhead the inevitable transformation of court proceedings in the coming years.