06 Jun 2023

The FutureLaw 23 conference in Tallinn


The FutureLaw 23 conference took place at the end of May in Tallinn, Estonia, in collaboration with the European Legal Tech Association (ELTA), Tallinn University of Technology (Tal Tech), and LEGID. The conference focused on various key topics such as legal technology, artificial intelligence, legal design, work-life balance in the legal profession and more. Notably, this was the first conference dedicated to these topics in the Baltic countries.

The future of legal technology appears promising. The introduction of new solutions in this field is expected to have a profoundly positive impact on the market, making lawyers' work more convenient, efficient, and enjoyable. Furthermore, these advancements will enhance the overall customer service experience.

Margrét Anna Einarsdóttir, founder and managing director of Justikal, participated in a panel discussion titled "Status Quo of Legal Tech in Europe." During the discussion, one of the key points was the importance of making information about legal technology solutions readily available within specific markets. This enables parties to compare solutions from different competitors and make well-informed purchasing decisions. ELTA is currently preparing a platform for sharing such information, which is expected to be available to the market later this year. Additionally, a supportive legal framework is crucial for successful innovation within the legal sector. Justikal, for instance, was able to develop their solution due to the clear legal framework provided by the eIDAS legislation, which addresses among other things electronic trust services. The legislation ensures that the technology used in the solution is legally recognized, and its effects are guaranteed. It is worth noting that all courts within Europe are now obligated to accept digital data, and discrimination based on data format is prohibited under Article 46 of the regulation.

We are honored and delighted to contribute to innovation through Justikal, with the aim of making the justice system faster, more transparent, and safer. We eagerly anticipate the introduction of more efficient and user-friendly solutions to the European market, facilitating improved working conditions for legal professionals.